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A general artist statement on her paintings


The painter considers herself a Soul painter.  As the Soul singer passes the divine message through music, the Soul painter visualizes the divine perceived by her soul with a symbolic language of images. 


Her paintings are like personal TAROT cards, which reveal a message about her past, present or future. Most of the time, at the time of the perception, the painter doesn’t understand the message fully. Only in retrospect, she realizes what the image had told her already ahead of time.


She realized the beginning of her ability of clairvoyance in 1998, when she met a significant soulmate for the second time. After that meeting, she went home and looked at the painting she accomplished a month before and recognized the person in her painting.

After this epiphany, she felt like being reborn; a whole new world opened up to her.


Now, she knows most of her paintings are high-energy abstractions. They are visions perceived from other dimensions. Furthermore, the environment has an immediate impact on the painter and, it alters the form of expression.


The visions for her paintings come to her while drawing or daydreaming or dreaming.


In 1991, Barbara took up painting after a visit at her grandfather’s home in the Netherlands. It was then, her dear grandfather placed a box of oil paint in her hands and gave her the advice to start painting. 

While living and studying social-psychology and sound-engineering in Paris from 1988 to 1993, she visited all the significant art museums and galleries regularly and studied their paintings with a close eye. In an entrance of a building,  she found two old canvases waiting to be thrown on the trash-dump. She carried them home, showered them off and covered the already painted canvas with a white coat. On these two canvases, she painted her two, first paintings in a small kitchen without being able to get a distant view on what she was painting. 

Her very first painting shows the image of the reoccurring nightmare she suffered from in her childhood.





  • visualizations of divine messages perceived by the painter 

  • representations of reality and another reality as experienced by the painter’s soul 

  • representations of death and death experience

  • the soul out in space 

  • the soul rises up into space 

  • man and woman find their fulfillment in each other

  • the interaction between a man and a woman



  • landscape of a former or future life of the painter's soul percieved in meditation

  • a snap-shot of the artist's actual situation


  • abstraction of a person's inner world

  • momentary state of mind (emotions, thoughts and feelings)

  • different personalities within a person

  • mirror image of the psyche


  • they are telling the story of the painter's spiritual awareness and consciousness

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